Our Members

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, the FCA invites any organisation operating as part of – or associated with – the global cobalt supply chain to join the FCA as a member. This encompasses, among others, large-scale mining organisations, (crude)  refineries, battery manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and auto OEMs. The FCA also welcomes non-supply chain organisations as part of their membership, including international NGOs, industry associations, or marketplaces contributing to the FCA in the form of fundraising, community awareness (i.e. their community), and expertise in the design and execution of FCA’s programmes.
All members of the FCA are signatories of the FCA’s Call to Action (CTA), that publicly attests to an organisation’s commitment to:
1 Recognising the legitimacy of cobalt from responsible ASM operations
2 Contributing resources to the FCA integrated programme
3 Designating a contact person who will coordinate with the FCA
4 Promoting the goals of the FCA

Proud members of the Fair Cobalt Alliance