LG Energy Solution

FCA member since May 2022

LG Energy Solution is the leading battery cell manufacturer that provides batteries globally to power EV, IT applications and energy storage system. LG Energy Solution started the research of lithium-ion battery back in 1992, followed by mass production of Korea’s first lithium-ion rechargeable battery in 1999, and its application to vehicles for the first time in the world in 2009. LG Energy Solution has demonstrated technological excellence, upheld by the highest number of patents, approximately more than 23,000 patents globally, as of December 2021. Based on advanced technology, LG Energy Solution is reinforcing our leadership in the next-generation energy market, securing the world’s largest production capacity in our global manufacturing sites.

Cobalt is one of the important raw materials for the production of batteries. At present, LG Energy Solution does not source cobalt directly and procures cobalt through cathode and precursor manufacturers. To manage ESG risks in the supply chain in a proactive and pre-emptive manner, LG Energy Solution is exploring ways to diversify sourcing cobalt. This includes the on-going efforts to develop battery cells with the chemical composition of less cobalt and next-generation battery cells such as solid-state and lithium-sulfur battery cells with enhanced performance and processability.

“As a global leading battery cell manufacturer, LG Energy Solution is committed to establishing a sustainable and responsible battery value chain. In order to achieve this goal, LG Energy solution takes measures in a multifaceted way. LG Energy Solution works with peers, through other global initiatives to standardize a common set of expectations for responsible cobalt across the supply chain and advance a framework to identify, prevent and manage ESG risks along the battery supply chain. Not only that, LG Energy Solution intends to engage in on-the-ground projects to address environmental and social issues in the mining sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through FCA, LG Energy Solution aims to bring changes within cobalt mining sites by addressing local communities’ fundamental environmental and social issues. Given the complexity of the cobalt supply chain, it is significant to harmonize with various stakeholders along with FCA. Therefore, LG Energy Solution intends to actively engage with local communities through the FCA to foster responsible cobalt production and align with our objective and target from a CSR and responsible sourcing perspective in working towards achieving FCA’s mission.”

Ga Yee Park
ESG Specialist
[email protected]

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