Policies and Minutes

Below you find the minutes from the last advisory board meeting

FCA Advisory Board Meeting Summary 6th December, 2022

In the final meeting of the year, members of the Advisory Board met with the FCA Secretariat to reflect on some of the activities that happened over the last half of the year, provide input on the proposed work plan for the next year, including the scaling of FCA mine site interventions.


Articles of Governance 24th November 2022

This document details the governance structure of the FCA, a multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks (a) to transform the cobalt artisanal mining (“ASM”) industry to have a positive impact in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the “DR Congo”) by channelling demand for and increasing availability of responsible ASM cobalt, (b) to systemically address the root causes of child labour and dangerous practices at artisanal cobalt mining sites, and (c) to foster a just transition to a diversified economy to drive the sustainable development of the region.


FCA Advisory Board Meeting Summary 13th July, 2022

In the first official meeting of the FCA Advisory Board after the inaugural meeting in April 2022, members of the board were able to provide advice on the work streams of the FCA, here reflecting on the design and approach of the projects incepted at the beginning of the year, including the FCA’s 2025 strategic vision.