About Fair Cobalt Alliance

The FCA is a multi-stakeholder action platform launched in August 2020 that brings together actors from across the entire cobalt mineral supply chain to provide an answer to increasing scrutiny on ASM cobalt mining and the DRC mining sector. Our purpose is to assist in the building of a DRC cobalt mining sector that is known to be a responsible partner in providing the minerals needed for a new green economy. This includes mobilising the resources of the whole supply chain to deliver technical assistance and investment to realise the vision of a formal, fair and safe ASM cobalt sector.


Artisanal cobalt mining is only ever associated with negative impacts on ASM communities. Although the ASM sector is indeed in many cases characterized by poor and dangerous working conditions and child labour, the FCA challenges this overly simple perspective of cobalt mining in the DRC. We know that it does not have to be like this.

With support and investment, sites can be improved. We also believe that artisanal cobalt is not just a problem. It simultaneously harbours great opportunities: for the global energy transition towards cleaner electrification; but also, and just as importantly, as a potent driver for community development in the DRC, in Lualaba, in the households of mine workers and for their families.

Our vision

Along the length and breadth of the ASM cobalt supply chain stakeholders align to contribute to the development of responsible and fair cobalt, bringing prosperity to mining communities while maintaining sustainable standards and supplying the global demand for equitable cobalt. That is a future we work for.

This vision makes the FCA more than a transient development project – but a solid collaboration that unites the supply chain and works towards a clear vision for ASM in ten years from now. The vision is not for a collection of one-off projects, unconnected, unplanned, implemented on the boundaries of a few large mining concessions. But rather, a joined-up approach that maximises positive impact in the sector. So much good happens in isolation across the DRC. Imagine if it were all coordinated! Collaboration is key to change as collaboration leads to greater impact than working alone. The impact of working together is greater than the sum of the parts.

Our Mission:

The FCA is a multi-stakeholder initiative that seeks:

to transform the cobalt artisanal mining (“ASM”) industry to have a positive impact in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the “DRC”) by channelling demand for and increasing availability of responsible ASM cobalt,

to systemically address the root causes of child labour and dangerous practices at artisanal cobalt mining sites, and

to foster a just transition to a diversified economy to drive the sustainable development of the region.

The FCA achieves this by bringing together stakeholders along the cobalt supply chain who recognize the development potential of artisanal cobalt mining operations. They recognize ASM cobalt mining as a legitimate economic activity contributing to the local economy and providing direct and indirect livelihoods for thousands of people in the DRC.

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We seek to be as transparent as possible, as is dictated by our governance. Learn more about how we are structured and the role of our governance.

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