Elucid Social

FCA member since November 2022

Elucid Social works on advancing human rights in global supply chains. Its digital solution is designed to help companies assess, report, and mitigate risks to human health and livelihoods in supply chains.

Access to healthcare is not only a human right but also key to protecting people from financial hardship: Every year, the World Bank estimates that 100 million people fall into extreme poverty because of health-related expenditures. Artisanal miners, being exposed to serious health hazards (eg. chemical exposure, respiratory problems, and severe injuries), are particularly vulnerable. The health hazards faced by miners in the DRC are compounded by the lack of access to healthcare protection.

Elucid will work with the FCA to implement health benefit programs among mining communities in the DRC to ensure miners and their families can access health services when in need. The joint program will help miners stay safe and healthy and protect households from medical impoverishment.

Through its platform, Elucid will collect and analyze the data generated to monitor the impact on health and livelihoods. The impact data will provide insights to support parallel programs, notably on child labor and gender inequality.

“We believe in fair and transparent supply chains that advance health and livelihoods.”

Julius Emmrich

Co-Founder of Elucid Social

[email protected]