FCA member since February 2021.

SHIFT designs and sells smartphones that are modular, easy to repair, durable and manufactured under the fairest conditions possible. Therefore, we built up a final assembly: Our own small technology factory in China where the workers are provided the same working environment that we would also love to work in. Coming from the design we shape our devices modular implying that modules are not glued but plugged together. This makes repair easy and enables a longer device use and reduces electronic waste. The device refund ensures that our SHIFTPHONES are not dumped but brought back into the circular economy.

Cobalt is a valuable natural resource that enables our device batteries to operate in most effective and durable manner. Although our position within the cobalt supply chain is at the upstream end, we want to be part of a change towards considerably improved working conditions in the artisanal small-scale mining of cobalt. Therefore, we are looking for ways to do as much good as we can while doing as little damage as possible.

“We support the FCA because we think that we as an industry are responsible to enable change and we can only do so together especially within the complex artisanal small-scale mining. We are grateful to be part of a growing number of companies sharing similar ideas and bundling efforts to have positive impact. We want to see an appreciative and encouraging exchange with other members to enable a responsible supply of cobalt.”


Samuel Waldeck
[email protected]

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