SUSHI Mobility GmbH

FCA member since February 2022

SUSHI is a young start-up for e-bikes, founded in 2019. We produce quality e-bikes for the urban environment at an affordable price. We want to be a change in the mobility industry, as we believe that the bicycle is a real alternative to the car, especially for the city. Through the convenience of the e-bike, we want to motivate more people to switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative. For us, green mobility is a lifestyle that starts with a feeling and ends with a revolutionised streetscape.

The convenience of riding a SUSHI bike is provided by the assistance of the motor. This is powered by batteries with lithium-ion cells. By using lithium-ion batteries, cobalt is directly part of our supply chain. We see it as our responsibility to ensure a fair supply of the necessary raw materials, especially when the extraction of the raw materials entails downsides.

“We combine the approaches of a sustainable product and a product that drives sustainability by seeing the commitment to all life on our planet as a continuous process that starts with the big idea of sustainable mobility and extends to the small details of everyday life. Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment. It is about connecting planet, people and profit. The Faircobalt Alliance is the perfect partner for us to make a valuable contribution to improving the negative aspects of e-mobility.

We are convinced that changing long-standing structures is a good way to improve the lives of many people. Together with the FCA we want to be part of the change in the cobalt mining industry.”

Andy Weinzierl
Founder and CEO

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