AnsvarIdéa Verzekeringsmaatschappij NV

AnsvarIdéa is a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance since August 2021

Ansvar Verzekeringsmaatschappij is a Dutch sustainable non-life insurance company, 100% daughter of Turien & Co. Holding BV and working on the Dutch market under the trade names Ansvar Verzekeringsmaatschappij N.V., AnsvarIdéa and Turien & Co. Verzekeringen.

Our target group is the consumer market.  Within this market we mainly focus on sustainable living individuals and families. AnsvarIdéa offers these clients tailor-made sustainable insurance products, like a special insurance for EV’s.

AnsvarIdéa has chosen to distribute its products exclusively through independent insurance advisers.

AnsvarIdéa is not a part of the cobalt supply chain but is one of the market leaders  in electric vehicle insurance in the Netherlands. We are the first and for this moment the only company outside the supply chain who is joining the FCA. We do so because we like to work with the pioneers that support/share the same belief as we do. That’s when the world relies on cobalt to drive a green energy transition, it is the responsibility of all the stakeholders that cobalt production does not harm but instead helps to improve the living conditions of the Congolese people.

“As a sustainable insurer, we are constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference. We realise that electrification of the vehicle fleet is essential to the creation of a sustainable society and that cobalt mining will remain necessary for the foreseeable future. As the cobalt supply chain is not transparent, you do not know whether and, if so, how much of the cobalt in your battery comes from ASMs. In this sense, customers who buy electric cars are undermining their own sustainability ambitions, and by insuring these cars, we are undermining ours. As their insurer, we feel partly responsible for this, and we want to contribute to reducing and perhaps eventually even solving this issue.”

We appreciate the fact that the people of FCA and their local partners are  committed to work under the extremely difficult and often dangerous conditions. It cannot and must not be that the Congolese people are paying the bill for the global need to make the transport and communication sector more sustainable. To continue this important work of the FCA and to expand it further, we call on other companies, also from outside the supply chain, to join the FCA.

Paul Burger [email protected]
Sustainable Advisor