Sono Motors

FCA member since August 2020

We believe in mobility free from fossil fuels. We want every car to be both solar-electric and shared. Driven by this vision, Sono Motors was founded in 2016. Today, we pride ourselves on growing into a team of over 200 internationally experienced engineers, designers, technicians, and industry experts developing and building a forward-looking everyday electric car with integrated solar cells and innovative mobility services, the Sion.

Cobalt is a crucial material in charging infrastructure. Therefore, even though we decided against an HV battery containing cobalt for the Sion, we remain an indirect downstream user of cobalt.

“Cobalt is a critical component for the EV industry. As an electric vehicle manufacturer whose clear goal is to make electric mobility fairer and even more environmentally friendly, it is our responsibility to also address the downside of electric mobility. Working with the Fair Cobalt Alliance, we are tackling the root of the problem as well as promoting the responsible mining of cobalt, which is an essential component of EV infrastructure. It is part of Sono Motors’ vision to be a role model for sustainable mobility, and we hope for other companies within the industry to follow suit and join the Alliance”


Isabel Palacios
Sustainability Program Manager

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