Safe Limited

FCA member since February  2022

Safe was established by former Traders from companies such as Glencore, Trafigura and IXM.  We use our domain knowledge to provide consultancy services to companies who are looking to create a competitive edge in their supply chains by incorporating best industry practices and the use of technology such as blockchain to create traceability and establish trust.

“Safe encourages and promotes the use of responsibly sourced minerals in global supply chains, creating information awareness along the supply chain from primary resource to palm of hand. Through our integrated model of flexible solution design and technology delivery we enable ESG best practices.”

Safe provides consultancy, regulatory and technology services to all actors from the Cobalt supply chain who source, process, trade, manufacture and consume cobalt related materials.

Our background comes from the Cobalt trading industry in Africa hence our domain knowledge positions us in a unique position to assist those companies wanting to make a difference in the artisanal mining industry in regions such as the DRC.

We believe that the artisanal mining industry needs to be treated fairly and provided with the right resources and tools to ensure safer working conditions and fair wages. We want to work with the FCA and its members to uplift local communities and allow them to benefit from the natural resources of their own country.

As a key ingredient in electric battery production, the increased demand for cobalt is driving more and more artisanal miners toward the industry and we believe that we can assist in their formalisation.

Dafydd Davies

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