FCA member since October 2021

Britishvolt is the trusted battery cell partner of the energy transition. As we race towards net zero, Britishvolt will create opportunities through thoughtful collaboration with the existing world-class UK battery ecosystem. Britishvolt is the UK’s foremost investor in battery cell technology and associated R&D.

Britishvolt will use cobalt as part of its raw materials in battery manufacturing processes. The exact sourcing of the material is yet to be determined but we want to ensure we have visibility of the supply chain providing it, and ensure that the provenance of the raw material supply to us is as visible as possible.

“This is a great initiative to be part of. Britishvolt has a very clear and defined ambition to create one of the best-in-class ESG frameworks. By joining the FCA we are aiming to reduce environmental impact, improve working conditions for miners and support action that redirect children to school and education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

“Britishvolt believes that it’s the responsibility of the entire battery industry, including manufacturers, to ensure that everyone involved is treated with respect and given the right opportunities. Collaboration is of vital importance to ensure success for all.”

Craig Woodburn
Head of ESG at Britishvolt